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Our Focus

Eritrea and Yemen map.png


Recent events in East Africa have led to a flood of Eritrean refugees escaping their homeland. At refugee camps in the Sudan and Ethiopia millions of Eritreans are desperate for a chance to restart their lives in a safe country. 

Canada's private sponsorship of refugee program has allowed for countless Eritrean-Canadians to co-sponsor their relatives and bring them to Canada.



The Syrian civil war has generated the most high profile refugee crisis of a generation. Canada and several European countries have been at the forefront of the resettlement of desperate Syrian refugee families.


The ongoing Yemeni civil war between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi movement has led to unbearable suffering for Yemen's civilians. The war has created a humanitarian nightmare; those that can flee the country are now in desperate need of resettlement.



Poverty, civil unrest and gang violence have been the primary catalysts for the current swell of refugees in the Northern Central American (NCA) region.


Contrary to populist and nativist media representations, there is a legitimate and tragic refugee crisis in the NCA that requires Canada's immediate private sponsorship focus. Working with UNHCR Canada, Clarendon House is determined to bring attention to this resettlement vacuum. 

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